Urinary Tract Infection


Dr. Connolly
A urinary tract infection, or UTI, can develop anywhere in a child's urinary tract, but children most commonly develop a UTI in their bladder. Dr. Green, can you tell more about UTIs?

Dr. Green
Sure, Dr. Connolly. UTIs, such as bladder infections, are typically caused by bacteria. Children of any age can develop bladder infections, including infants. In babies less than a year old, UTIs are more common in boys than girls, but they become more common in girls after age one.

If an infection in the lower urinary tract, such as the bladder, is not treated properly, the infection can move deeper into the urinary tract. This can lead to a kidney infection, which can cause long-lasting damage to a child's kidneys. Young children have a greater risk for kidney damage from a UTI than older children.