Real Patients: Immunizations


Real Patients
Immunizations are incredibly important.

All my kids are up to date on immunizations.

He is up to date on his shots.

Jackson has had all of his immunizations.

I definitely do think that immunizations are important.

I am a huge advocate for vaccines.

I sit there and I look at my kid. When she's so little and she can't protect herself, the fact other people around her aren't immunized is hugely important to me.

My six-month-old just got her vaccines today and now eligible to get the flu vaccine so she was right there getting it and will be there in a month getting the second one.

They help fight against certain viruses and things that could happen and harm your kids.

There's lots of evidence that show that they are effective, and they really help keep us as a population healthy.

The diseases that we're immunizing against are either ones that are life threatening, can affect her brain development, or can affect, I'll be honest, some of them affect my ability to go to work.

I feel like those who don't get immunizations, they're prone to become more sick and then pass that infection on to someone else.

I don't think there's been a single medical advancement that's extended our lifespan as a society more than immunizations.