Real Patients: Wellness Checks


Real Patients
Jackson goes to the doctor for his well-baby checkups every two to three months.

I make sure to get all of my girls in for all of their checkups.

He just had his 15-month one last week.

Checkups are very important, because some things aren't visible.

I want to support her wellbeing and if I can pick things up early and address it before it becomes a problem, that is why I think well child visits are key.

There may be some illnesses or conditions that we can't see because we're seeing our kids every day.

He is a small baby, so it's good to get his weight and make sure he's growing and on track.

We can make sure that weight gain and all of that is good. Particularly when you have some picky eaters.

That's why we do all these growth curves all the time and measure kids and why well visits are so important.

I intend to, as she goes on through the years, have a well visit every year even if they are not required.