Wellness Visits


Dr. Connolly
Younger children grow and develop rapidly. For this reason, more provider visits are recommended when they are younger. These important appointments are called well-child visits because they happen whether or not your child is ill. Dr. Alvarado, what else can you tell us about the importance of well-child visits?

Dr. Alvarado
Well, Dr. Connolly, well-child visits provide parents the opportunity to talk with their child's provider about ways to improve their child's health and prevent problems. These visits include a complete physical exam, and the provider checks your child's growth and development. Parents get information on topics such as sleep, safety, and common childhood diseases and find out what to expect as their child reaches each new milestone. Immunizations are a part of well-child visits.

Parents should write down questions and concerns and bring them to well-child visits. This will help them get the most out of the appointment.

There are several recommended schedules for routine well-child visits. Talk to your child's provider about how often your child needs these appointments. Generally, recommended well-child visits are more frequent in the first three years, and annually after that.